Monday, April 18, 2016

Statistics that Show the Importance of Email Marketing

For any company running an SEO or digital marketing campaign, email marketing remains an important component of the overall marketing strategy.  It is the most effective means of digital direct marketing as you can consistently update your clients and audience on new developments within your business including special events, products and services, and other important information.  In order to run a successful email marketing campaign, it is useful to know the behaviors of your audience such as what devices and email clients they use to open their emails.  This information will help you create newsletters that display properly on various devices and email clients.

MMS Lists, a marketing agency that offers email marketing services and email lists to businesses that advertise to professionals in the healthcare industry, recently released an infographic based on statistics from their 2015 email marketing campaigns.  These statistics are mostly related to the top email clients and devices used by healthcare professionals, and they provide some insight on the behaviors of professionals who receive marketing emails which can be useful to anyone running an email marketing campaign.

The following are some of the highlights presented by MMS Lists:
Importance of Email Marketing: MMS Lists found that email marketing has a high ROI of $38 for every dollar spent.  Up to 73 percent of healthcare professionals prefer email as the best way for companies to market to them.
Top Email Clients: The top email clients used by healthcare professionals are iPhone, Apple Mail, and Outlook.  Mobile users overwhelmingly preferred Apple iPhone email, the preferred email client for desktop users was split closely between Outlook and Apple Mail, and healthcare professionals using webmail preferred Web Version with Yahoo! Mail and Gmail not far behind.
Top Devices: 63.6 percent of healthcare professionals used mobile devices to read their email, followed by 20.4 percent using desktop computers and 16 percent using webmail.

You can read the full blog concerning this data, The Importance of Email Marketing, on Proceed Innovative’s website and view the email marketing infographic from MMS Lists.

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