Monday, August 21, 2017

Why Email Preview Text is Important

Email marketing is an important aspect of effective digital marketing campaigns and those who engage in email marketing often put a lot of thought into the design and message of their emails. However, there is one feature of marketing emails that is commonly overlooked that could help boost your campaign; preview text. Preview text is the text that appears in most email inboxes after the sender and the subject. Good preview text allows your readers to see what your email message is about which can improve open rates by grabbing their attention before they delete the message or pass over it.

Many email marketers do not bother with writing preview text. If an email message has no preview text, the email client will extract the first bit of text from the email and display it as the preview text. If the first text it detects is code or a URL, the preview text in most inboxes will be a mess. Taking advantage of the preview text option will ensure that the text that you want appears as the preview text in your recipients’ inboxes.

Writing Good Email Preview Text

The following are a few tricks to help you write good, enticing email preview text that will increase the open rate of your email campaigns:

· Length: Most email clients display between 35 and 90 characters of email preview text. Keeping the preview text to 35-40 characters will ensure that it displays in all email clients.

· Straight to the Point: Make sure the preview email text gets straight to the point of the message so your recipients know why they should open it.

· Subject Elaboration: If you feel like the subject of the email is not long enough, you can further elaborate on the subject in the preview text.

· Action Words: Using action words conveys a stronger message and compels your audience to open the email.

· Special Offers and Promotions: Providing the details of special discounts, offers, or promotions in the preview text will get your recipients’ attention.

· Test your Preview Text: Try wording your preview text a couple of different ways and test each one to see which gets better open rates.
For more tips and information about using email preview text, check out the full blog: The Importance of Email Preview Text.

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