Thursday, December 4, 2014

Content is King

Content Writing Tips for your Website

If you are familiar with internet marketing at all then you have heard before that it is the content of your website that drives traffic and conversions.  Many people may think of text when it comes to website content, but content really includes pictures, themes, layouts, and anything that affects the design of your website.  The quality of your content, both textual and visual, is what will keep visitors on your website and lead to conversions so it is important to follow the proper guidelines for content creation to make your website more useful and appealing to your visitors.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Using Images to Improve your Website Performance

The textual content of your website is important for relaying your message to your audience and the images provide a visual for your message and brand.  People by nature are visually responsive and using pictures and other imagery on your website will provide your audience with a visual to associate with your company.  Images can also benefit your website by directing and retaining a visitor’s attention, invoking an emotion in the visitor, and selling a product.  However, you must use some discretion when choosing images for your website because bad quality or poorly sized pictures can really hurt your conversion rate.