Friday, March 11, 2016

Now that I have Good Rankings, Can I Stop doing SEO?

One of the main purposes of SEO marketing is getting your website near the top of the search engine results pages (SERPs) for each of your main keywords.  Once your website has achieved good rankings across the board for your keywords, you may ask yourself if you have to continue with your SEO marketing strategies to maintain these rankings.  While this idea might make sense at first, you must remember that the internet is a highly competitive marketplace and if you halt your SEO marketing strategies once you achieve your desired rankings, you are giving your competitors with active SEO campaigns a chance to replace your website in the rankings.
SEO marketing should not be thought of as a temporary campaign or a one-time shot because it takes regular maintenance to maintain and improve your rankings.  You should keep carrying out your SEO marketing strategies even after achieving your desired rankings for the following reasons:
  • Stay Above your Competition: Chances are that many other companies are working to rank better in the SERPs for the same keywords that you are targeting.  Consistently working on improving and maintaining your rankings will help you rank better than your competition.
  • Keep up with Changing Algorithms: Google regularly updates its algorithm which changes the way it crawls and ranks websites.  If you stop your SEO marketing strategies and Google releases a new algorithm update, your website will not be ranked the same way anymore and this could hurt your rankings.
  • Produce Fresh Content: Consistently generating fresh content to keep your audience engaged is a very important aspect of SEO marketing. If you stop offering new content to your audience, they may get bored by your old content and think that you have nothing new or interesting to offer.
  • Keep up with Trends and Technology: Here is an example of why you must constantly adjust your SEO strategies to keep up with changes in technology.  In 2015, Google gave preference to websites that are mobile friendly as the amount of internet searches done on mobile devices surpassed the amount done on traditional computers.  If you did not update your website to be mobile friendly, this could affect your rankings.
  • Protect your Online Reputation: The online reputation of your company is determined by user comments and reviews, both positive and negative, as well as your online presence and rankings. 
Many users looking for products and services make their decision based on these comments and reviews and if there are negative comments about your business out there with no response, this can really hurt your online reputation.  You must consistently manage your online reputation as part of your SEO marketing campaign.
You can read the full blog Now that I have Good Rankings, Can I Stop doing SEO on Proceed Innovative’s website for more reasons to continue with your SEO marketing.

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