Tuesday, May 12, 2015

How Google Analytics Can Help You Improve Your Online Marketing Strategies

While not every purchase of a product or service is made online, close to 100 percent of purchases made either in a store, over the phone, or online involve an internet search for that particular service or product before the decision to buy is made.  This makes it extremely important for businesses to attract search traffic for the products or services that they offer in order to get as many conversions as possible.  In order to create the most effective online marketing strategies, a business must understand how to measure the effectiveness of their strategies and make adjustments using data from Google Analytics.

What is Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free program from Google that tracks the number of visitors to your website as well as a variety of other metrics such as page views, bounce rates, time spent on the page, popular pages, and referral traffic using a piece of code that gets incorporated into the code of your website.  Each metric can provide some insight into how well a certain strategy or aspect of your website is drawing traffic and by measuring every online marketing activity, you can use the data from Google Analytics to improve your strategies in the following ways:
• Invest and multiply on what works
• Eliminate or refine strategies that are not working

How to Use Google Analytics

The amount of metrics available within Google Analytics can be overwhelming and trying to keep up with every metric is not the most efficient way to determine the performance of your website or online marketing strategies.  The most effective way to use these metrics is to determine what the purpose of your website is and track the metrics that best reveal how well your website is performing to meet this purpose.  For example, if your website is mostly content based, the bounce rate and amount of time visitors spend on the pages of your website is an important metric.  If your website sells products, then the rate of shopping cart abandonment and the time it takes to complete a purchase should be of importance.

Improve Your Online Marketing Strategies

Creating and implementing an effective online marketing campaign is very important for increasing potential leads and conversions through your website and Google Analytics helps you measure the effectiveness of your online marketing strategies so that you can adjust the strategies that are not working and capitalize on those that are. 
For a more complete explanation of how Google Analytics can be used to measure and improve the effectiveness of your website and online marketing strategies, you can read our full length blog

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