Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Effective SEO Trends for 2015

Internet marketing and SEO have become an increasingly important part of an effective marketing plan and as the technology and habits of internet usage change, the strategies that go into SEO must adapt. Google updates their algorithm on a regular basis which may change the way keywords, links, and other factors affect search engine rankings, causing marketers to adjust to the changes for better search results. The percentage of users accessing the internet via mobile devices has overtaken that of users accessing the internet with desktop computers which also makes having a mobile friendly or responsive web design a very important aspect of a good SEO campaign.

Staying on top of the latest trends in SEO will help you adjust your internet marketing strategies to yield the best possible results for your company. The following are some of the top SEO trends to consider in 2015.

· Long Tail Keywords: Traditional keywords that contain only one or two terms are falling out of favor with Google as the current algorithm derives meaning from the search query as a whole as opposed to the individual words within the keyword phrase. This makes long-tail keywords more important for driving traffic. Long-tail keywords are more specific which can help companies distinguish themselves from their competitors and the increasing use of voice search by users on mobile devices adds importance to the use of conversational keywords.

· Local Directories: The higher use of mobile devices for internet searches has led to an emphasis on local SEO which focuses more on geographic-based searches. By joining primary local directories as well as industry specific directories, companies can increase the online visibility of their location and make it easier for users doing geo-based searches on mobile devices to find their location information and website.

· Mobile Friendly Websites: The amount of users accessing the internet through mobile devices has finally surpassed that of desktop computers which makes having a mobile friendly website crucial for internet marketing. Not only do mobile users spend more time on websites that are designed to display properly on their devices, but Google may start rewarding mobile friendly websites while penalizing those that are not mobile friendly. Maintaining a mobile friendly website will therefore provide a better user experience and help earn more favorable rankings with Google.

The SEO trends explained here are some of the top trends that SEO marketers must adapt to in 2015. For a fuller list of emerging 2015 SEO trends and a deeper explanation of each, read our full SEO trends blog on our website.

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