Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Future of Mobile Marketing

I recently ran across an article that explained the importance of mobile SEO and its users.  Generally speaking, a typical website will have a mobile version of itself that will prevent you from magnifying and shrinking your mobile screen to search for links.  Yet many websites have yet to expand their site to mobile.  This idea can be frustrating for most, especially for those who are on the run.  For customers who do participate in mobile web, how do you know it's being optimized? Is there a different target group for mobile apps? Are there special requirements that need to be met? What does the future hold for mobile marketing? Steve Olenski from Business 2 Community explains some of these steps.

The Future of Mobile SEO Marketing

Many companies today are realizing that mobile app users and website users should be different targets.  It's been determined, and obviously speaking, that most people who use mobile apps are people on the go.  Information needs to be organized on the top of pages so users take little effort in finding what they need.  The longer someone searches for a product or information the less a conversion happens.  Make sure the most important and popular information is easily accessible to your users.

In years to come, mobile SEO is going to take a lead of its own.  Many lead generation studies have not yet been separated between website and mobile.  Future studies and research will have to separate the two to accurately decipher the difference between each other.  A 2010 Google study explains an "11.5% increase in mobile click-through rates when they run a mobile-specific campaign as compared to a hybrid or PC-only campaign."  In the next couple of years these statistics can drastically change if more research and effort is put into creating optimized mobile apps.

An important thing to remember is your listing online.  Many people feel that Yellow Pages is a requirement.  This allows consumers to easily find you while conducting searches.  Keep in mind you should also keep an updated Google Places and Yahoo Local listing.  Verifying your listings will keep your site and information current to users.

Mobile users use reviews just as web users do.  I tend to read them more on my phone actually.  If you are on the go, searching for a store, hair salon, restaurant, etc. reviews should be very noticeable on your mobile site.  Even a couple bad reviews can still make your site more credible versus no reviews at all.

Let's all keep in mind that smart phones and tablets are being used by everyone, everywhere.  In the next couple of years that number will be increasing exponentially.  Don't wait to jump on the mobile SEO train before it is too late.  Read and research what your consumers want, how they search and the best keywords to heighten your rankings.  SEO is growing  beyond your desktop or laptop, make sure you're prepared to expand your mobile presence.


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