Thursday, February 21, 2013

Introducing the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS)

Here at Proceed Innovative we have made some changes in the past couple of years; we have grown, expanded, revised, and learned how to create a working environment that thrives.  As a marketing company we want to make sure the work we are doing is profiting our company while staying up to date on the latest business techniques.  This is why we decided to implement the idea of the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) to our office.  This system is useful for any entrepreneur that feels their company needs to combine business, employees and clients into a stronger group while reenergizing their business. This system should be easy to follow by providing growth and unity while alleviating stress to all tiers of employees. This is our beginning of the EOS system and we want to let you all know how it can help you too.

The 6 Steps to Know about EOS

Below is a brief description of the six steps of EOS.  This is just an introduction to the system, as you will be learning along with us. 

1. Vision

You may have a vision of how successful you want your company to be and how it will grow.  But if you ask your employees what they think the goal of the company is or even their goals within the company, there is a good chance every employee will have a different answer.  These different answers mean that goal you have in mind may not be the primary goal of all your employees.  Your whole company needs to have a specific target in mind and know how to get there. Once everyone is on the same path, you will be surprised how much quicker you can achieve objectives.

2. People

You should always surround yourself with the right people, people who get things done and are motivated within their job.  Hire people that are qualified, innovative and want to help reach the company goal.  You will notice your employees thriving at something they love to do versus employees just filling seats on a daily basis.  This will help the overall morale of the group.

3. Data

This is where your scorecard comes into play.  This scorecard has your weekly report containing 15 high level numbers pertaining to your organization.  These numbers allow you to monitor your goals and realize which procedures are not working.  Because you are reviewing these numbers constantly you’ll be able to spot the problems within your strategy right away.

4.  Issues

Once you start these first 3 strategies, your company will be running more efficiently and will allow you to recognize issues that need to be addressed.  There is nowhere to hide when your organization is running like a machine.  These issues will surface and you will be able to fix and move on to a better strategy.

5. Process

This is the way you do business.  Once you understand the process you need to share it with the company.  Make sure it is well known to all so the organization is headed in the same direction. You should document the way you want everything done and teach your employees how the process goes.  If anyone skips steps, preforms the process differently or training differs, you will enhance your issues and errors and increase your bottom line.

6.  Traction

To have the most successful organization, the leader needs to have traction.  These people need to know how to focus the company while leading the organization to success.

These 6 steps to EOS can be very beneficial to a lot of companies. Here at Proceed Innovative we are on the frontier of this system and are excited to see where it takes us.  In upcoming posts, we will go in depth on each of these strategies and how it is helping us as a marketing company.

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