Thursday, October 29, 2009

What do we do with all this traffic from Google?

We recently optimized a website for a new client. After the high rankings and website traffic kicked in, they sent us this question:

“How do we take all this traffic and start converting them to clients?”

Here are a few ways to improve web usability and accomplish this:
  • Go through every page and make sure it has a well-written call to action. Something on the page ought to urge visitors to click. Putting the call to action at the top of each page helps people understand where to click next. Move the traffic where you want it to go.
  • Create a blog, e-zine, and/or free white papers. Analyze which perform best at persuading visitors to convert to clients.
  • See how long it takes your main pages to load. Nobody wants to wait around for a page to load when they can just hit the back button.
  • Add a live chat representative. “She” can help visitors throughout their visit to your website, offer customer service and improve conversions.
These are only a few suggestions…please let us know what you’ve tried.

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