Tuesday, August 11, 2009

If my competitors are using many of the same keywords, how does one website get ranked in Google over the others?

In our search term/keyword research period we find fresh search terms for SEO. The best way to find them is with research tools that let us put in words, and collect many combinations and extra usages of those words. We also learn general information concerning how frequently each search term is used.

When choosing which of these search terms to use, we bear in mind that the more common it is, the harder it will be in obtaining top placement in Google. However if we choose terms with minimal searches we won’t acquire much traffic, so we choose terms in the middle.

There are so many different combinations of search terms, so usually our clients don't have just one website they're competing with. Don’t believe it? Look at your last ranking report and see how many different websites rank number one for each of your search terms. We recently did this for a potential client and found that for 25 search terms there are 20 websites that ranked number one. So websites aren't all going after the same keywords.

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