Friday, May 27, 2016

7 Steps to Achieving Success Through SEO

The search engine optimization (SEO) industry has become very important, especially since more people turn to internet searches to find products and services before ever visiting a store or business.  Implementing best SEO practices can help boost the potential of a website by improving its position in Google results for related searches and drawing in more traffic which can lead to more customers and sales. A good SEO plan involves several strategies that must be implemented simultaneously to maximize the potential of your website. 

The following are 7 steps that can help you achieve your marketing goals through SEO.

1. Discover your Audience: Before you can attract new customers, you must identify your target audience and get to know them as well so you can “speak their language.”

2. Find Optimal Keywords: Optimizing your website with keywords that are relevant to the products or services your company offers will help improve its rankings on Google and other search engines.

3. Test Keywords with PPC Campaign: You can test the effectiveness of your keywords by running a small pay per click (PPC) campaign.

4. Consider Mobile and Voice Search: The majority of internet searches are done on mobile devices and many of the search queries entered on mobile devices are done with voice search.  Therefore, it is important to use long-tail keywords that better represent the phrases people enter through voice search.

5. Make the Most of Your Website: Not only should your website be user friendly with your contact information on every page, but it should also have a responsive design to display properly on any mobile device.

6. Content Marketing: Creating valuable content for your website and consistently providing your audience with fresh content through a blog or social media will keep them engaged.

7. Consistency is Important: SEO marketing requires a consistent effort to achieve and maintain high rankings and adjust your strategies to produce better results.

Implementing a solid, multi-faceted SEO strategy can help boost your search engine rankings and brand awareness to drive more people to your website.  To learn more about how these 7 strategies can improve your search engine marketing, read the full length blog, 7 Steps to Ensure that SEO Brings You Success.   If your company does not have the expertise or resources to implement these SEO strategies, call the professionals at Proceed Innovative to learn how we can help your business with our SEO services.

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